Thursday, March 26, 2015

A ghost of a child was photographed in Britain's Hampton Court

AS one of Britain’s most haunted buildings, Hampton Court has seen its fair share of spooky visitors,

Can you see the ghostly figure next to the dress in this picture?
Yet palace bosses have been left puzzled by a photo that appears to show the ghostly image of a waif-like child roaming one of the rooms.

The snap was taken by
reporter James Fielding during a special sleepover arranged last weekend to mark the Tudor building’s 500th anniversary.

Nothing was visible at the time except four mannequins in Georgian dress but looking back on his iPhone later, James noticed a strange mist hovering just above the floor.

On closer inspection he made out what appears to be a faint outline of a small child in an old-fashioned white nursery gown.

Ghostly children in Tudor dress are said to be among the many apparitions who wander the Royal building at night while two youngsters who drowned in a lake reputedly haunt the grounds.

The image was taken in the Queen’s Privy Chamber, where the Prince and Princess of Wales would receive courtiers in the absence of King George I.

Perhaps Hampton Court’s most notorious phantom, however, is that of Henry VIII’s fifth wife, Catherine Howard, whose restless spirit is rumoured to run screaming along the aptly named Haunted Gallery.
She was beheaded in 1542 after being accused of adultery and treason.

James said: “I originally took the photo because I thought the mannequins and costumes looked creepy.
“As I looked at the image a little closer, though, I saw what appeared to be an outline of something near to one of the dresses, possibly a small child.

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Policewoman claims ghost scratched her face

Woman scratched face Maria Fernanda was on midnight guard duty when she claims to have heard a scratching sound coming from one of the lecture rooms.

When she called her boss he told her to wait outside while he checked.

But seeing nothing unusual inside he told the 25-year-old not to worry and went back to his office.

Maria said: "No sooner had my boss gone than I heard the noise again.

"I pulled my service revolver out and went in and then I saw this black shadow flying across the room towards me.

"Before I could react it grabbed me and I screamed and ran full pelt to the bathroom where I locked myself in.
"I then noticed there was blood on my face, arms and chest and realised it had scratched me."

The supposed attack took place in a room at the Police Training Academy in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where other cadets have also reported spooky encounters.

Other police officers have reported seeing a woman and girl covered in blood at the academy.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Did a ghost make this pint explode in an Irish Pub (video)

Some spots in Ireland are known for their ghostly apparitions, but the locals at Barney Mac’s pub, in Drogheda, County Louth, got the fright of their lives when they saw a pint of Smithwick's explode right in front of their eyes.

This CCTV, posted to YouTube by, shows the locals' confusion as a pint of Smithwick's explodes. The pint, as you can see, is unattended and undisturbed on the table.

Of course the breakage, it can be reasoned, was caused by the fact that glass was very hot coming out of the dishwasher before the very cold beer was poured into the glass causing the glass to contract and break.

However, we prefer the owner of Barney Mac’s explanation that the pub is haunted by the ghost of former patron Joe Murphy. Apparently Murphy was a Beamish stout man. Maybe he took offense to Smithwick's being drunk.

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Friday, March 20, 2015

Haunted Dolls are a thing now,..and they come at a price

Some childhood symbols straddle the line between adorable and terrifying. Like clowns. Or Furbys.

Some dolls fit the category, too, with spooky eyes that seem to move or a porcelain pallor. They're not all Chucky, but some of them just don't seem quite right.

Listener Anne McLaughlin grew up with a cabinet full of dolls — including a pretty dancer doll and a set of wooden nesting dolls. But one, she says, stood out.

"One of the dolls in the cabinet was absolutely terrifying," she says. "Very tall, thin doll, and her face was not a doll face. It was a grown woman, so she didn't have big eyes she didn't have a smile. She had tiny little eyes. She always looked like she stepped out of one of those New Orleans ghost stories."

The lady doll was also a music box, and it spun slowly to music when wound. The doll gave Anne the creeps.

So one night, when she was about 10, McLaughlin thought to herself: "I'm going to take her out of the cabinet just to prove that I'm not scared of this doll" — even though she was very scared of it.
So she wound up the doll, left it on the bedside table and walked away. Suddenly there was a crash.

"And right when I turned around, she had just walked to the side of the bedside table, and fallen to the floor with a big crash, " McLaughlin can't even finish her sentence. "I went and slept with my parents."

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Photographer captures ghost on camera in Massachusetts

TOWNSEND -- A local photographer got a surprise when he took a look at the photographs he had taken at Harbor Pond at dusk.

All but one of the images showing the dam and cooperage were what he expected when he got home and uploaded the files. The other picture caught his eye when it flashed on the computer screen.
In only that one image, lights shine through a window of the 18th century cooperage.

Tyler Kimbar, a Townsend photographer, took pictures in a series of three on Sunday, March 12. Each set of three pictures was taken within five seconds. Kimbar intended to combine the different exposures into one composite image to get the best color saturation.

In a set taken 10 minutes later, the first and third photos were unremarkable. The middle photo is quite different. Three lights appear in the window nearest the dam. Kimbar referred to those lights as a ghost figure.

"There were no cars going by and nobody was in the building because it was closed," he wrote in an email. "I was also the only car in the parking lot, so I can't explain where the light/figure came from."

No one else who was contacted could explain the lights.

"I have a table that's sitting in front of the window," said Laura Bradley, who opened an antiques co-op in the Cooperage in 2009. "There's no lamp there, no candle, no nothing.

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